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How have we dealt with the coronavirus?

Pubdate:2020-08-31 17:41    Views:

The crisis caused by COVID-19 has changed our daily habits, has altered our routines and has forced us to adapt to a reality within which social distancing has been established, making us dispense of the physical contact with many of the people with that we were accustomed to.

This distancing, coupled with all the measures imposed to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus, has forced many companies to make decisions about how to face this crisis and how to protect the health of their workers.

Currently, Rotecna has more than 220 workers, and at no time has production stopped during these weeks. This has been possible thanks to the joint effort of all the company's staff who, day by day, have adapted to the measures that have been implemented both from the company's management and from the government.

Access is limited and common spaces are regularly disinfected. Photo: Rotecna. 

To deal with this situation, the first thing Rotecna did was create a Monitoring and Action Committee headed by the company's general management committee, and with the heads of the Human Resources, Commercial and Finance departments. During these weeks of confinement, this committee has met weekly to ensure careful control of the situation, determine what measures to adopt, and check that these measures are followed correctly. Among the steps taken to facilitate distancing, office staff have been offered the option of teleworking, thus encouraging the fine-tuning of work and family life. As for the personnel who work at the company, they have been provided at all times, with masks, gloves, and all the necessary protective equipment, as well as disinfectant gel. An access door and an exit door have been enabled, screens have been installed at reception, and the size of this space has been reduced. The attendance control system, which is done through fingerprint recognition, has been replaced by a system with individualised cards (the staff that teleworks does it through an app on their mobile phone); daily temperature control has been enabled; access to external personnel has been limited, meetings have been cancelled, as well as any other face-to-face meeting for telematic alternatives and the cleaning service in areas of everyday use has been reinforced. 

After two months enforcing these measures, we saw that they have been useful. This has been confirmed by the results of the antibody tests that have been carried out on all Rotecna personnel, and which must allow the Monitoring and Action Committee to know the state of the company concerning COVID-19. Overcoming this crisis and achieving the "new normal" is everyone's responsibility. Therefore, we need to act with shrewdness and responsibility. Together we will make it happen!

*Information reproduced from: https://www.rotecna.com/en/blog/how-have-we-dealt-with-the-coronavirus/